Affirmative Action For Republicans; Blacks Need Not Apply

TPM Muckraker has the latest on the DOJ’s war, under Bradley Schlozman, on its own Civil Rights Department.

Here’s the short of it. In the Criminal Section, not a single black has been hired since 2003, and, of 50 attorneys, only two are black. The same number as in 1978.

We also know of allegations that Schlozman asked about party affiliation of one applicant and that 7 of 14 career lawyers hired by Schlozman were members of the Federalist Society or Republican National Lawyers Association. “The average US News & World Report ranking of the law school attended by new career lawyers plunged from 15 to 65,” reports the Boston Globe.

The most overlooked issue in debates about Affirmative Action is that the biggest group beneficiary of non-merit based advancement in America are well-connected whites.

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