Bush For Hate Crimes

I still remember my reaction to the news. When I first heard that 21 year old Matthew Shephard was beaten to death for the crime of being gay… I was apalled. At times it sickens me the depths of cruelty our fellow man is capable of, and in this instance, I was mortified that I was even considered the same species of animal as Matthew’s attackers.

Hate crimes are, to put it lightly, disgusting. One could find a million rationales for them, they are the external projections of one’s own or a group’s own insecurities acted out in a violent means. Some may say they are a misdirection of anger. I don’t know, I really don’t care, they are humanity at its ugliest.

Without reason, without logical rationale, people cause unthinkable pain and suffering on others because they think gay is wrong, because they think black people are subhuman, because Jews are evil, whatever. It is intolerance at it’s worst, and we as a nation must stamp it out with conviction.

Hate crimes are one of a very few small things I consider truly evil in this world.

It is for this reason I am utterly baffled and deeply ashamed of the White House which today has vowed to veto the new Hate Crimes legislation making its way through congress as we speak. This veto would be President Bush’s third since taking office, and I may not like the man, I may think he’s sleazy and a terrible president, but this is it. Any thought I had that there was a shred of decency lingering somewhere in the man’s soul is now gone.

Three vetoes, and what are they?

First veto: Stem cell research funding, something that could honestly help find cures for a vast array of diseases from MS to Parkinson’s disease.

Second veto: Just two days ago, the President refused to fund the troops, listen to the will of the American people and he failed to even attempt to employ a responsible strategy in Iraq.

Third veto: Bush is now aligning himself with the bigots of this country, a man who once referred to himself as the compassionate conservative has made it clear that he has nothing of compassion and everything of intolerance. By refusing to sign into law hate crime legislation designed to protect a part of our citizenry that we know is persecuted, that we know is subjected to the violence of the intoleratnt, this man shouldn’t just not be our President… I can say without reservation this man already belongs in Hell.

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