Bush Ignored CIA Reports Detailing Common Sense Threats Posed by a Post-Saddam Iraq

A commenter provides this link to a story on MSNBC detailing CIA assessments provided to the White House regarding the specific dangers posed by a Post-Saddam Iraq.

As for some potential scenarios, one report provides:

“The United States will face negative consequences with Iraq, the region and beyond which would include:

* Anarchy and the territorial breakup of Iraq;
* Region-threatening instability in key Arab states;
* A surge of global terrorism against US interests fueled by (militant) Islamism;
* Major oil supply disruptions and severe strains in the Atlantic Alliance.”

Yet, you didn’t need a CIA report to understand these dangers. I heard these problems discussed incessantly before the war in water cooler talk, at anti-war marches, at coffee houses & bars, etc. Oddly, these common sense dangers were not discussed as frequently in the media. It was a weird disconnect where we kept hearing about a Post-Saddam Iraq showering us in flowers and sweets.

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