Bush’s Hostages

As everyone knows by now, Congress is apparently on the verge of caving to Bush on Iraq war funding. The word on the street – at least where I live – has been that Bush is holding the troops hostage.

It appears that point is starting to seep in. Here’s Krugman:

There are two ways to describe the confrontation between Congress and the Bush administration over funding for the Iraq surge. You can pretend that it’s a normal political dispute. Or you can see it for what it really is: a hostage situation, in which a beleaguered President Bush, barricaded in the White House, is threatening dire consequences for innocent bystanders — the troops — if his demands aren’t met.

You can read more of what Krugman wrote at Economist’s View.

The Republicans have not been hesitant to paint the issue of funding as one of the Democrats undercutting the troops and the media has lapped up this talking point. Democrats need to stop playing by David Broder’s one-sided rules where he demands a civility and decorum that ultimately undercuts Democrats ability to argue effectively on this all important issue. Democrats need to forcefully make the point that Bush is holding the troops hostage to secure funding for his never-ending vanity war.

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