First Republican Primary Debate

Here we go, the first Republican primary debate of the 2008 election season. It begins at 8pm EST at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Ten Republican presidential hopefuls will be going head to head (or as head to head as today’s national debate format allows anyone) for ninety minutes, and we’ll be liveblogging the whole thing right here.

The actual liveblogging will occur in the comments section of this post and is open to anyone who wishes to participate assuming you maintain a reasonable level of decency. If you are a Republican and are offended by what I or others have to say during the liveblogging event, well, you are on a liberal website, so you’re gonna have to cope.

We’ll begin somewhere between 7 and 7:30 with our own pregame show, and then continue coverage straight until the final question. Following that, I’ll probably do a quick final thoughts statement, and will have a more official debate analysis within the next few days.

Hope you’ll be joining us!

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