Focus On The Family, Not Rudy

Seems as though the founder of Focus on the Family, “Dr.” James Dobson, really really doesn’t like Rudy Giuliani, going so far to say that the former NYC mayor picking up the nomination could result in Dobbie abstaining from voting in the presidential elections for the first time in his “adult life.”

Dobson, a famed face of the Religious Right, sent a rather eerie letter to Bush proclaiming, among other things, that Bush should pursue a deeply conservative agenda, ignoring us liberals because we hated Bush, and his Christ. Personally, yes, I hate Bush, but my attitude towards his Christ is more along the lines of ambivalent.

As for Rudy, well, let’s just say that he probably shouldn’t come to expect any such letters addressed to him. And it’s not his position on abortion either, but as Dobson points out, Rudy’s three marriages as well. Which, I’ll come to Rudy’s defense here. Both of my parents are on their third marriage, and neither of them are particularly bad people. Eh… Well, there was this one time where my mom would let me…

Right, back to the subject at hand. How much this anti-endorsement will help Rudy is yet to be seen, but this could be an early indicator of a total lack of support from the Christian Right being solidified, thereby shutting off to him the votes of the far right that have become like crack cocaine to GOP presidential wannabes.

Sorry Rudy.

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