Fox Goes Green?

Anyone who has watched even a small amount of FoxNEWS will agree that there is no greater hater of environmentalists, greens or Al Gore. Since it’s inception, global warming has been treated as a punchline at best and at worst a way of calling out the left as tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. With that in mind you would understand my general state of mental uncertainty when faced with the following article in

When Rupert Murdoch, the cantankerous and conservative owner of Fox News, enthusiastically joins the fight against climate change, you know we’re past the tipping point on the issue. Think landslide.

Last week, the media mogul pledged not only to make his News Corp. empire carbon neutral, but to persuade the hundreds of millions of people who watch his TV channels and read his newspapers to join the cause. Messages about climate change will be woven throughout News Corp.’s entertainment content, he said, from movies to books to TV sitcoms, and the issue will have an increasing presence in the company’s news coverage, be it in the New York Post or on “Hannity & Colmes.” Yes, as Murdoch said in an exclusive interview on his climate plan, even Fox News’ right-wing firebrand Sean Hannity can be expected to come around on the issue.


Ok, let’s set aside the fact that any mention of global warming on this site brings the wing nuts out of the woodwork quicker than a squirt of Spectracide. I simply can not wait for the moment when Hannity, choking back an epileptic fit, is forced to acknowledge global warming. I expect it will look something like this.

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