Gonzo’s Specter

Okay, sorry, I know, a bad pun is nobody’s friend, but I had to. So, even while Bush is stoically (just so you know, from now on, please understand that when I use the words stalwart, steadfast, and/or stoic in reference to Bush, be sure that I mean it sarcastically, and really mean words like, stupid, insane, inane, and completely effing nuts) standing by his man, Republican Senator Arlen Specter has said that it’s very likely that Gonzo will step down before the incoming no confidence vote likely to hit this week.

Now, I gotta say, I’ve always had a decent amount of respect for Specter. He’s a Republican, and I don’t agree with the guy a lot of the time, but you know, he’s a guy who I think exemplifies what a Senator should be; slow, deliberate, and one who values the roll of debate in the governmental process.

So I give Arlen a little more weight to his words than I do most Republicans, and I find this comment rather interesting, because, on the surface, it would seem to come from Mars. I mean, it’s not like he’s a Gonzo insider or aide. Given Bush’s stance on the issue, it’s not like Arlen is exactly bending the President’s ear either. So what would make him say something so specific and… odd… like this?

Now, I used to know a junior staffer for Specter, so I’m gonna try and get back in touch, but I’m gonna take a quick little shot at translating the Senior Senator from Pennsylvania’s words.

Specter says that it’s likely for Gonzo to step down before the no confidence vote comes to pass. Translation: “Dude! Get the hell out before we all step up to vote and really humiliate you. Seriously man, we NEVER hold a vote of no confidence. If we do this to you, you’re gonna have a hard time getting hired waiting tables.”

I dunno. That’s my take anyway.

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