Hagel-Bloomberg? I Really Hope So!

Amid the swirl of rumors that either renegade Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, or New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg might make an independant bid at the White House, we are seeing more and more evidence that this may actually happen.

As Hagel apparently said yesterday on Meet the Press, “We didn’t make any deals. But I think Mayor Bloomberg is the kind of individual who should seriously think about [running as an Independent for President]. It’s a great country to think about — a New York boy and a Nebraska boy — to be teamed up leading this nation.”

Of course, this would be really really great news for the Democratic field if Bloomberg and Hagel do choose to make a go of it. As it stands, while polls are showing anywhere from just over half to nearly two thirds of the country currently against the war in Iraq, the last poll I saw shows that nearly two thirds of Republicans support Bush’s efforts, explaining why Republicans flirting with primary voters have not abandoned stumping on Iraq as a viable campaign policy.

But what of the remainder? Given the current political climate, I find it highly unlikely that Democrats are going to hemorrage all that many votes from their own side, whereas over on the GOP side of things, having one third of voters being against the war, Hagel provides a rather nice alternative to any of the prowar candidates that actually win the nomination from the party.

As for his appeal to the middle, I think that with the exception of the quagmire that is Iraq, many moderates will find him a little too far off to the right. The ultimate effect being that in all likelihood, a Hagel-Bloomberg ticket will shave off vital votes for whomever does turn out to be the Republican nominee without having a significant effect on the Democratic nominee.

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