Hanretty Drops "T-Bomb" on Rudy

To paraphrase Chris Matthews once a year or so the T-bomb (or the truth bomb) gets dropped on his show and boy did it get dropped tonight.

On MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews this evening Karen Hanretty said something that was either extremely intentional (note to self, who is she working for now anyway?) or will bite her in the buttocks in the morning. During a discussion about how Rudy is dodging the Washington insider conventional wisdom that it will be him vs. Hillary in ’08 Matthews asks, Who would win that race? At which point the roof came off the studio.

Hanretty: You know, I don’t know, and here’s why. If it’s Rudy Guiliani at the top of the Republican ticket I think you’ll see a very depressed Republican turnout.

Matthews: Would you vote for Rudy?

Hanretty: I don’t know, I honestly don’t know.

Matthews: Why, do you think there might be a problem with Rudy personally?

Hanretty: No, it’s not his personal life…that…

Matthews: What is it that you don’t like about him?

Hanretty: (long sigh) I…uuhhh…I question that he might be, and I say this as a staunch conservative, a little too authoritarian even for a hardcore GOP girl like me.

Matthews: A little authoritarian, a little bit of the problem he had in the 20th century problem.

Hanretty: yea

Matthews: Totalitarian.

Hanretty: yea

Yea, she hit the nail on the freakin head didn’t she. Maybe just a little bit too much like il Duce. Boy am I glad she said it not me.

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