"I Didn’t Mean To"

In reference to the testimony of Monica Goodling today before congress, the phrase that seems to dominate the headlines is, “I crossed the line.” But that’s not the line that is sticking with me folks.

Nope, for me, the gutbuster is, “I didn’t mean to.” Here’s the excerpt:

“Do you believe they were illegal or legal?” Scott asked.

“I don’t believe I intended to commit a crime,” Goodling, a lawyer, answered.

“Did you break the law? Is it against the law to take those considerations into account?” Scott said.

“I believe I crossed the line, but I didn’t mean to,” she responded.

Er… Right. Um… so… it’s cool as long as you don’t mean to commit a crime, this coming from a lawyer (though I’ll cut her a break in this regard seeing as how she’s a Regent alumn, and forget the terrible stats coming from that law school, I know from personal experience these cats aren’t exactly the sharpest toothpicks in the medicine cabinet). So let’s say I take a corvette on a test drive and just, you know, accidentally just manage to keep it. I didn’t MEAN to break the law, so it’s cool right? No harm no foul?

Man, this is great, all these laws I’ve been wanting to break, and now Ms. Goodling has provided me with the ultimate loophole.

You know, this is the kind of crap I’m planning on hearing from my daughters in a couple of years, not lawyers that work for the Department of Justice of all places. Just ludicrous.

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