Just War

You know what kind of news item I like to read? The kind that involves Bush being protested by nuns!

I’m not joking either. Delivering a commencement speech at St. Vincent’s college in Latrobe Pennsylvania (Rep. Murtha’s district, of all places), El Presidente was met with about 150 anti war protestors, some of which were nuns:

“The school held a forum — broadcast on C-SPAN — to allow students to voice their opinions. Nuns protested on the edge of campus several Sundays in a row. Some alumni threatened to cut off donations.”

Jim Towey, one time head of Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, and current president of the catholic university, had invited Bush among a whirlwind of controversy. The protest, apparently arose from the community’s benedictine culture, and the belief in the “just war” doctrine, which apparently they don’t feel Bush’s Iraq war falls under.

And here I thought all the benedict guys were good for their soothing chants that hit big back in the nineties.

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