Let It Go

Some people. I’m not kidding, some people just really need to learn when to let it go. Weeks after famed radio personality Don Imus was fired for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team a bunch of “nappy headed hos,” after the circus that controlled the media for at least a week and a half, after we all thought it was done and over with, it seems we aren’t.

Imus has decided to sue CBS.

Now this is just high class all the way, let me tell you. The guy goes on air, says something entirely reprehensible and disgusting, appropriately is subjected to the ire of the American public, is properly fired from CBS, and now he wants to sue.

Just when you thought the cat was lower than a snake’s belly, he reaches for a shovel.

Here’s the deal. I believe in free speech… completely. I absolutely feel that the government has no right to restrict an individual’s right to free speech if for no other reason than because that is possibly one of the slipperiest slopes one can find oneself upon.

Also, I typically disagree with the idea that the free market can fix everything, but in this respect I think this is exactly where the self correcting aspects of the free market are supposed to take place. The government has no place in controlling speech, and so it is up to the media, and the consumers of the media to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

So when someone gets on air and says something as vile as what Don Imus said, the government must sit back and watch, but from here what is supposed to happen is that the American people need to object to this kind of behavior, vocally and on wide scale. This makes the marketability of Don Imus plummet, and as a result the market rejects him as something of value.

All is right with the world.

But unfortunately, the legal grounds upon which Imus is suing are valid. He’s not technically doing anything wrong. His contract said he was supposed to be “controversial and irreverent,” and that’s what he was doing when he insulted not just a basketball team, but black women across the nation.

But there’s a line, however invisible it may be. Being edgy and outspoken is one thing, expressing blatantly racist and demeaning ideas is another.

Does Imus have a right to sue? Yes. Can he win? Yup, and I would say he has a pretty good shot. Should he? No. He was wrong, and he knows he was wrong. Racial tensions in this country are always bubbling and simmering below the surface, and to try and tempt them in such a way is not only foul, it is irresponsible.

No, Don Imus is more than free to sue… he’s just an asshole because he actually will.

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