McNulty Resigns

Gonzo’s number 2 man, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, has just sent his soon to be former boss a letter saying that he will be resigning, staying on until at least the fall or until a successor can be put in place.

Just an 0bservation, this is going to continue to happen… With every official that resigns from the DoJ, there will be a renewal in the public consciousness that will be slowly looking worse and worse, especially considering that in today’s day and age, public officials, particularly public officials that high up, don’t get fired, they resign. Regardless of the truth, which I don’t think is all that clean in the first place, each one of these is going to make the perception look worse and worse.

The only way to politically weather this one is for Gonzo himself to resign. That’s simply it. He’s the big name, he’s the one that all eyes are looking to, and I think that if he steps down, at least the genpub will for the most part forget about the situation.

Of course, this again shows how out of step Bush & Co seem to be with politics, the nation, and sanity completely; they have gone beyond even the ability to act in self preservation competently, and as a result, allowing Gonzo to keep his job, and therefore the story to remain in the papers, the trail is now sniffing around Karl Rove, I’m sure the last man Bush wants investigated in regards to this story.

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