Mr. Wolfowitz, Departing

Well, it looks as though World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz will in fact be stepping down, and Bush seems to be reluctantly accepting this fact.

But I’m still a little irritated by something about this whole deal. It’s been made clear that Wolfie will only resign on his own if the Bank admits some culpability in the episode, and I find that a little assinine. I mean, so what, if the Bank doesn’t admit to this culpability, Wolfie’s gonna stay on as some kind of hostile president?

I mean, do adults really behave like this?

President Bush in his statement today remarked upon how he believes Wolfie knows what’s good for the bank, but how much service could the former Pentagon number two really do? I mean, giving your girlfriend an enormous pay raise is in and of itself more than just a little detrimental to a leader’s relationship with the rest of his employees. But the Bank’s staff has made it clear that they don’t want him around anymore, and as a leader, if you’re subordinates are giving you a major vote of no confidence, then simply put, you can’t lead them.

Most definitely not out of spite.

So, you’ll have to excuse me if I find little to no sympathy for someone who pulls off this kind of malarchy. You aren’t wanted there, sir, so please, just leave.

UPDATE: And he’s going… going… GONE!

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