"Republicans are full of shit"

Here is a snippet from a classic rant by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks entitled The Republicans Don’t Even Want to Win This War.

If you really wanted to win this war (whatever the hell that means), you could put some real effort behind it. Twenty to thirty-thousand more troops? Who are the Republicans kidding? If you really thought we absolutely, positively had to win this war, you’d start a draft and put a million guys smack dab in the middle of Iraq.

Were we having questions about surges or drafts in World War II? No, we put on our boots and went to kick some Nazi ass. Why aren’t we doing that here?

Because the Republicans are full of shit. They don’t really think this is an “existential” war. What a laughable thought. What, if we don’t win in Ramadi, we’re going to cease to exist here? Why aren’t these guys laughed out of the room already?

Here we are negotiating with contemptible fools. How much of a surge would you like? How long would you like to stay? Oh really, you think the Iraqis might take over Cleveland if we leave?


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