Stopping Gas Price Gouging? Guess Who’s Against It.

Price gouging is pretty nasty, right? I mean can we agree on that? You got a guy dying of thirst, it’s pretty heinous to charge him his entire life savings for a bottle of water. Of course, if you’re a greedy, heartless bastard, I suppose it’s good business sense as the poor guy suffering from dehydration is hardly in a place to negotiate, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it puts any bids for attaining sainthood in pretty dire straights.

I’m just saying.

In many instances in this country, price gouging is illegal. In fact, I remember there being a bit of a hub-bub back when hurricane Isabel came through my neck of the woods. It seemed that some shop owners in the Norfolk area and the North Carolina’s Outer Banks were getting their pee-pee’s spanked for charging ridiculous prices for supplies such as water bottles, boards used to shore up at-risk windows. That kinda thing.

So when the House of Representatives passes a law making energy price gouging illegal, and putting up some pretty stiff penalties in place, that’s a good thing, yeah? Especially when we are talking about Big Oil who has already seen enough bad limelight in recent times for charging astronomical prices at the pump while recording record highs. I mean, if they’re willing to do this while we aren’t in a state of energy emergency, my anus clinches to think if something like a hurricane comes through, disrupting pipelines in the South, and the unchecked oil companies start, as a result, charing upwards of six or seven dollars an…

…oh, that already happened?


So, getting back to business, originally the bill was intended to be even stricter than the version that did pass, but because some guys wanna defend Big Oil’s right to bilk us out of house and home under normal circumstances, it had to be clarified that these laws are only enforceable during an established state of energy emergency.

In other words, we’re talking about the guying dying of thirst scenario.

So we have reached the point in this little narrative where I’m forced to ask, at what point does self parody not only stops being funny, but actually descends into being just grotesque? The reason why I ask is because, shock gasp, Bush is planning on layin’ down some of that good ol’ veto ink on the bill.

But I guess this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Bush trying to decide who wins; the People, or Big Oil. Silly me for thinking we might come out on top in that one.

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