The "Stabbed In The Back" Cartoon

The latest cartoon controversy sweeping the country involves this lame, piece-of-shit by Michael Ramirez that was published in Investors Business Daily:

Kevin Drum believes we should “call off the language police on this one.” I’m inclined to agree to the extent people are claiming it rises to the level of hate speech for which one should lose their job (something that may be happening but which I haven’t seen). But I disagree to the extent Kevin seems to be tut-tutting those who are responding with a strong voice in rebutting the “stabbed in the back” meme and pointing out the Nazis’ use of such propoganda.

Liberals need to stand up and go toe-to-toe against this kind of bullshit.

Just think if, in the cartoon, the word “Bush” had been used instead of the word “Congress.” The Right would flip and demand not only the cartoonist’s job but also his/her head on a platter 4EVAH!!!

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