Timelines Out, Benchmarks In

As a result of the severely tricky landscape to be navigated, congressional Democrats have opted to drop Timeline language in the war appropriations bill, but are sticking to waivable benchmarks.

I like this no more than you do folks, but I also see this as something of a necessary evil. In today’s back and forth about supporting the troops, I find myself agreeing with Democratic leadership in that the possibility of being painted as the party that is leaving the troops in the lurch by cutting funding is just too big of a risk to take.

Bush just seems too damn stuck on fighting this war, and the GOP turning radius is just far too slow to believe that you could succeed in getting the troops home, or at least succeed in making the right kind of statement without suffering from an ultra right wing pseudo pro troops smear campaign.

It’s sad, really. Congress started off trying to do what the people wanted, rather quickly drafting and sending to the White House legislation that would have put an end to this war. The President vetoed it, the GOP warhawks in congress are refusing to listen to their constituents, and yet they are the ones pointing their fingers at the Democrats.

Just when you thought government was about to start working for us again, the Republicans get in the way… again.

On the brighter side, if Bush does allow this bill to go into law, we’ll have an increase in minimum wage

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