Welcome To The Falwell Dump!

So, how does the White House choose to honor the fall of the now deceased Rev. Falwell? Why, have a press dump, of course.

Here’s a quick listing of some of the stories that one thinks the Administration is hoping will sneak in under the radar with Falwell’s death and the upcoming GOP debate dominating headlines.

1) In a highly dramatic bit of testimony from former Deputy Attorney General James Comey, we now learn that the Bushies, more specifically then White House Counsil Alberto Gonzales, and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, had attempted to strong arm a critically ill John Ashcroft into signing off on the NSA’s secret wiretapping program.

As it turns out, both the hospitalized John Ashcroft, and the acting AG Comey refused to sign the renewal of the program. And yet, the program was renewed the next day without a DoJ signature. Hmmmm…

2) Bush has finally found a sucker dumb enough to take on the title of “War Czar.” Poor Lt Gen. Lute. Aside from pointing out the inability of a so called “wartime president” to act as Commander in Chief, this new position provides an uncommonly convenient scapegoat for when whatever policy the administration is backing in Iraq now fails. Lucky Lute! Even more interesting, as Cernig of the Newshoggers points out, two years ago, LUTE was saying we needed to get the hell out of Iraq!

I know… you’re brain is probably hurting right about now, but bear with me, we only got one more of these to go.

3) And finally, the only Democrat on a White House privacy board put in place to provide oversight of the administration’s programs that could impinge upon the privacy rights of citizens has resigned. Citing rule changes and the lack of effort on the part of his Republican colleagues, Lanny Davis wrote, “It is important for the White House staff and others in the administration to understand that you insist on the board’s complete independence – not subject to White House or administration supervision or control.”


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