Who’s America’s Mayor?

If you want to understand at least one of the reasons why I’m predicting the Giuliani campaign is doomed to implosion, one need look only to recent headlines. Despite the nickname of America’s Mayor, it would appear that the city for which he actually served as mayor, isn’t really treating him all that well.

Recent polls show that NEW YORKERS would prefer the current mayor of New York City as president to the one that’s actually running. And this by no slim margin.

Now add to that the fact that former NYC Mayor Ed Koch said he will actively campaign AGAINST Rudy Giuliani in this upcoming election season, and things look a lot messier. Per one of my favorite daily reads:

“GIULIANI: … And speaking of former NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D), he told the New York Post he will campaign around the nation next year bashing his old rival Rudy Giuliani (R). “If I had to sum it up in a few minutes I would say he’s a control freak — and the control is over your life,” says Koch. In 2004, Koch crossed party lines in the general election to campaign in support of President Bush before Jewish groups in key swing states. Koch said he plans to hit the campaign trail after Giuliani captures the GOP nomination. However, “if organizations asked me to come, I certainly would try in advance of that.”

So Bush is good enough, but Rudy isn’t? Wow!

Well, as the old saw goes, with friends like these…

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