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If you’ve guessed that I like picking on former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, well done! You are most definitely correct. While I find the idea of Giuliani answering to the term, “Mr. President,” absolutely terrifying, I kinda think his aspirations at the White House are a little funny.

The latest episode in the laugh-a-thon of Rudy’s hapless trip on the road to the White House is, in my humble opinion, a hoot. It seems that “America’s Mayor” (yeah, from now on that nickname is going in quotation marks… FOREVER!) actually thinks that he could take New York next year, should he win the Republican nomination.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…

An interesting thing about Rudy is that due to media coverage of post 9/11 coverage, and his willingness to plant his lips firmly on Bush’s ASS during the 2004 convention, he has been rocketed to the top of national awareness without regard to how people felt about him back home.

We’ve been through some of this before. I’ve already written about how the current mayor of New York is liked quite a bit more than “America’s Mayor” (see… quotation marks), and we’ve already touched on how journalists who have covered Rudy for years in his home town think the idea of him actually running for president is ludicrous.

But there’s ever so much more. You have the very powerful IAFF (International Association of Firefighters) who, on Hardball the other day, made it pretty clear that while they weren’t ready to endorse any particular candidate this early in the game, they new for damn sure, that Rudy was not gonna get their nomination. This may have something to do with some of the mismanagement of the very post 9/11 efforts on his behalf that first propelled him to fame. You know, things like putting the emergency response center in the worst place, failing to equip firefighters with the radio equipment they needed, you know, those kinda things, the kinda things that result in actual first responders hating you.

I mean, okay, this is purely anecdotal, but I got a few New Yorker friends, and they all pretty much scoff when the subject of Rudy running for president comes up. I remember a couple years ago, a friend of mine and I were talking, and you have to remember, the political landscape was much different back then, but my friend was warning me about the dangers of Giuliani making a run for the White House.

At the time, I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Well, you know, if we end up with a lame Democratic field it could get worse.”

My friend then looked at me as though I had ears of corn falling out of my nostrils and began his little diatribe with the words, “You don’t know Rudy.”

Fast forward to a week ago, and Rudy running for president has become a reality, but under much different circumstances. My boss (my real boss, the one that cuts me a check, not Mike) and I got into a political discussion, and I mentioned Rudy’s name…

Again, that look like I had ears of corn falling out of my nose. Back when I was sipping beer in a favorite bar of mine all those years ago, I didn’t understand this look, but now I do. Essentially, it is that look that says that those who have lived with Giuliani understand that the man’s shit stinks.

Of course, my New Yorker friends and coworkers aren’t really all that consequential. If I were, perhaps, a little higher up on the totem pole of all things political, maybe they would be, but they aren’t. On the other hand, you want to know who is consequential? One time Rudy insider Jerome Hauer.

If you haven’t heard the name yet, you most likely will. It’s the name of the man who was New York City’s first emergency management director, and since his days of being in the Rudy loop, he’s now on the outside and poking the presidential hopeful with a sharp, pointy stick.

Now the criticism that we see the former aide level at Giuliani is pretty much old hat for devout critics such as myself, but here’s where the surprise twist comes in. What strikes me about this article is not the list of things Rudy has done wrong… No, what scares me is the nature of the Giuliani inner circle:

Mr. Hauer, for example, recalls a conversation he had with Mr. Giuliani in 2001 when he had decided to endorse a Democrat, Mark Green, for New York City mayor over Mr. Giuliani’s own choice for a successor, Michael R. Bloomberg, a Republican. Mr. Hauer said Mr. Giuliani, upset, called up to say his disloyalty was unforgivable.

“He was shouting, ‘If you do this, you’re done … I’m going to end your career,’ or something along those lines,” Mr. Hauer said…

“The core of the administration was that these guys would always pull together,” said Mr. Siegel, who once served as speechwriter for Mr. Giuliani. “Once a decision was made, that was it. There wouldn’t be any second-guessing.”

Here’s the point, beneath the shots being fired back and forth between Mr. Hauer and Camp Rudy, we see an underlying image of what a Rudy ran White House might look like. We see this tendancy for Giuliani to build a highly loyal inner circle, one in which dissent is not allowed, and those who do deign to disagree with the top guy gets thrown under the bus, then the bus is thrown in reverse, and driven back over the crumpled corpse.

Look familiar? It should. Rudy’s already been campaigning like the current president, going so far as to making it clear that voting Democrat could mean that you die. He’s taking up the old GOP standard of blaming Clinton for everything on a recent appearance on Letterman. So if he campaigns like Bush, should it be too much of a surprise to find out that the man operates like him as well?

Inner circles, no dissent allowed, politics of terror, eh… I’m pretty sure I can do without.

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