You Can Oust Me Only If I Let You!

So, let’s say you have a guy, the most powerful guy in all of governance. Despite having a head of state, who is largely ineffectual, this guy who is the head of the legislative body is the real man in charge.

But, let’s say this guy is widely unpopular, and in a land with two political parties, not even his own party likes him, and therefore everyone wants him gone. As a result, the rest of the legislative body attempts to put together a bipartisan front in an attempt to oust this guy. But when they go to vote, this guy refuses to recognize them.

Over and over again, the head honcho pointedly does not recognize anyone who will bring up his ouster, thereby preventing a vote on the precedings. Things get out of hand, legislators attempt to rush the podium just to get to the microphone, the guy in charge is forced to retreat to his office a couple of times to hide from the rest of the legislative body that is now out for his head, and guards are required to physically restrain some of the lawmakers.

Sounds like the kinda shenanigans one might expect in some backwater country ruled by warlords, right? Nope. It happened right here in the US of A in a little state I like to call Texas.

Bush… Craddick… Maybe there really is something in the water.

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