A recent audit of the FBI’s collection of personal information has determined that they broke the law 1000 times! Let me repeat that number… 1000 times! Even better, this was only a sampling of about 10% of what is going on meaning that the real number is more like “several thousand”.

This following a March report released by Gonzo’s justice department which claimed only 22 violations.

22… 1000! Big difference there fellas.

Before the apologists get up in arms and repeat the same spiel that has become common place for the administration and the White House’s political arm known as the DoJ about how this is all to keep us safe, there’s a reason why the right to privacy is important.

It protects us, every day citizens like you and me, from being persecuted for whatever we do in our own homes. It allows us to engage in legal activity without worrying about someone interpreting as illegal activity. For instance, let’s say me and a couple friends want to have regular anti-war meetings in our home. In the context of such, we could have many conversations over phone lines and through emails discussing our little anti war group, and taken out of context, this stuff could be mistaken as terrorist activity, even though we are peacable people who are exhibiting our legal rights to free speech expression etc.

Without this right to privacy, me and my friends can be monitored, our conversations taken out of context, and given this administration’s draconion interpretation and approach to imprisonment, thrown in Gitmo without charge.

I really don’t like the idea of that happening.

In a book I reviewed earlier this year, Mark Sidel’s More Secure Less Free? he points out that the danger that lies in such programs is also that the state easily slips away from purely anti-terrorism tactics in favor of political retribution. Red Scare anyone? McCarthyism?

Are you now or have you ever been a terrorist?

To which I simply ask the FBI, Gonzo, and Bush himself:

Have you no decency? At long last, have you no decency?

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