An Almost Terrorist Attack

The big news of the day appears to be a terrorist attack… in London… that ALMOST happened. A silver Mercedes packed with an explosive device was defused earlier today, causing the likes of CNN et al to launch into continuous terror inducing coverage.

Atrios looks at the silliness of it all.

Indeed this reminds me of the tube attacks on July, 7th 2005 (7-7?). I remember it pretty well, the first person I tried to get in touch with being Cernig, as I know being an ex pat he may have family or friends over there.

At a time when a lot of folks on this side of the water were calling it the British 9-11, I learned something, from Cernig, and from the many Britons in London at the time: Brits are a tough group of SOB’s!

After having to deal with generations of terrorist attacks from the likes of the IRA etc., the British learned to do what we seem to have a hard time doing these days, shrug it off. July 7th, the London underground and a double decker were bombed by terrorists, July 8th, everyone got back up and went back to work.

Which is, in my humble opinion, what you’re supposed to do. The news circus going on around this not even exploded carbomb is what terrorists want. They want you to be scared, they want you to think that they are getting under your skin and changing your life. They WANT you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE around their actions.

But that’s just not how those crazy Brits operate. Just like on July 8th of 2005, tomorrow morning, millions of Londoners are going to wake up, yawn, and shrug it off.

UPDATE: The Cernig mentioned above has a much more in depth analysis of this, the general gist though, is still, shrug it off, and get back to normal.

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