And So It Begins

Americans don’t want us in Iraq. This is such a fundamental fact about the political landscape, that the record low approval numbers of the new Democratic majority is not a rebuff of liberal values, but actually a rebuff of not being liberal enough and standing up to the President.

We want out, and we want out now. Unfortunately, there are a couple major obstacles to this. The President, who in his stubborness is nearly immovable on virtually any subject, and then there is the Republican Minority that, in true obstructionist form, have denied Democrats the votes they need to force the President’s hand.

Remember what I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs? Until you get 67 votes, you can’t force the president to do anything.

Well, we just got one more vote. Senator Lugar is, without a doubt, only the first crack in the armor that the Bush Administration has been hiding behind since Democrats have taken back the majority. As we see expectations and standards from the “surge” slide and move off into the future, there is no question where public support for this war is going to go.

And when people are waiting until September to hear from a report on how the surge is doing, they want to hear one of two things, “it’s working” or “it’s not working” and they are not likely to hear either. Even more support down the drain.

So it’s only natural. You can only play obstructionist against the will of the people for so long before you start staring down the abruptly shortened end of your political career. With violence not abating, and the appearance that cynicism towards this administration can be correctly applied to this last ditch effort to make some progress out of the war in Iraq, Republican congressmen are finally beginning to see that maybe we shouldn’t be there anymore.


Now if only they could have been with those of us who were there from the beginning.

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