We all err, and I admit that I have a tendancy to get emotional which leads me to err more frequently than some. So when earlier today I went after Jon Swift, it took some of his readers to point out that he was indeed a satirist, and therefore not deserving of what was actually one of my worst rants ever.

So I’m disappointed in myself for one, taking things so seriously that I really lead myself to believe Swift was a grade A wingnut whackjob, and B because I didn’t even do so well in expressing my indignant wrath, something I like to think I’m usually pretty good at.

Sorry Swift, won’t happen again.

ps. if you are in the right frame of mind, his stuff is pretty funny. I really don’t know what mental state I was in that wouldn’t let me laugh at “I Am Paris Hilton.” Just a lesson folks, don’t always take yourself so seriously.

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