Best Comment EVER!

As a result of a terrible bout of foot in mouth disease (for which I apologized), we were fortunate enough to be visited by a considerable number of regular readers of the Jon Swift blog, and I’m very happy that many of you have stayed long enough to overlook my misstep and read and comment on some of the other articles posted here.

Now I’ve been writing here for quite some time, but since I have not been writing since its inception, I can’t say that what I saw was the best comment on Comments ever, but it definitely was one of the funniest I have personally ever seen.

It is in response to this article I wrote about studies which claim to prove the Death Penalty has a deterrent effect, going so far as to quantify how many lives each execution says.

Jon Swift reader, Edward, replies:

Let’s assume the results are correct and for every execution, 10 lives are saved. The article doesn’t say anything about the guilt or innocence of the executed, so apparently that’s not relevant. Can we thus conclude that by executing some 300 or so people, we can make up for the deaths of our troops who are occupying Iraq? If we execute, randomly, 4000 people, will that make up for the annual traffic fatalities in this country?

I say, why stop there? Whose to say that just compensating for traffic deaths and those lost in Iraq is enough? And the studies disagree on how many lives are saved per execution, showing a spectrum from 4 to 18 lives. Can we quantify this? I mean maybe executing a Nun only nets you three saved lives, but Charles Manson would be worth 10. And what about Catholic priests?

I’m with Edward on this, with enough study and research, and by executing enough people, we can guarantee that no one in this country dies ever…

…except those who are executed of course.

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