Breaking Things Worse

“At least once a year every United States attorney is going to sit down with either myself or the deputy attorney general, and we’re going to have a very candid conversation about issues and problems in their districts,” Gonzales said. “If I’ve heard of complaints from a member of Congress, it gives me an opportunity or the deputy attorney general an opportunity to tell the U.S. attorney what we’re hearing.”

When you pick someone to do a job, any job, you pick them because you hope they will do it well. At the very least you hope they don’t make things worse.

I work for a very large and multifaceted organization. The shipyard that employs me has thousands of employees with hundreds of departments and dozens of job skills. In an environment like this, it’s important for our computer system to be up and running and dependable.

It is for this reason I shouldn’t be able to bring up James’ name into my head the moment I hear his voice. James works for the computer people in our shipyard, and he is notorious… notoriously bad at his job.

With me personally, he’s disabled my account accidentally twice, and rendered three of our office computers useless by installing security patches. Candice, whose name I know because she saves me from James almost every time, says that James pretty much ruins everything he touches, and for the most part the rest of the people in the office spend most their day trying not to let James touch anything.

This is kinda how I imagine Attorney General Alberto Gonzales being, of course without civic minded co-workers out there determined to prevent him from causing chaos. Despite Republican obstructionism, the senate, along with the American people, have no confidence in this guy. This is largely to deal with the handling of the fired US Attorneys, and his less than stellar testimony to congress wherein the only thing we really learned about Gonzo was that he was really good at saying, “I don’t remember.”

But this is different. Besides the stalled vote of no confidence. Beside the mafia-esque tale of Gonzo rushing to John Ashcroft’s sickbed to try and force a signature out of him. ASIDE FROM ALL OF THIS, there is the simple question, can he actually feasibly, and credibly do the job?

Unfortunately not, as the article I linked to points out. You know, scandals and bad news and errors and all kinds of things happen, and often times the executive is required to fix those things. Alberto Gonzales as head of the DoJ would fill this role. It is his responsibility to assess the problem and come up with a solution, and unfortunately this time, the solution is not one we can trust to make the problem better.

The idea here is to ensure that the DoJ does not become yet another political arm of the White House, and that attorneys in the future are not fired for political reasons. I guess to an extent Gonzo fixes this. With his little one-on-one’s he can pull an attorney in and say, “You know, so and so said you’re going after too many Republicans, if you don’t stop I’m going to have to fire you.”

Well, I guess in that capacity it might fix the problem. At least next time when a bunch of US Attorneys are fired for political reasons, they’ll have a heads up.

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