Captain Ed ALMOST Gets The Punchline

Yesterday, after the immigration reform bill failed to pass a key Senate vote, I posited: Will conservatives realize they just shot themselves in the foot?

Indeed, I think there’s a better than even chance that the White House and congress will be a little more liberal next time around, and we aren’t seeing any more immigration legislatioin until then. With that taken into account, I think it’s a decent, maybe not great, but a decent bet that the things conservatives were being given (a hefty fine for illegal immigrants, increased border patrol, and the “wall” that I wish you could see me rolling my eyes for) are probably more than they can hope to ask for the next time this debate comes up.

Especially with recent polls suggesting that most Americans have no problems with Illegals being turned into Legals so long as they come over here to work, contribute, and pay their fair share of taxes.

Well, not a day later, Ed Morrissey, almost gets it:

This is most true for immigration. Before the bill’s defeat, we had a bipartisan effort to ignore the border and visa system. The bill’s failure acts to extend that. That’s not a victory for conservatism. Conservatives will win when they force the federal government to secure the borders and fix the broken visa system. In other words, we haven’t enacted any policy at all at this point; how can that be victory?

I’ll be expecting the “oops” when Democratic majority in congress grows, and Mrs. Clinton becomes President Clinton.

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