Cheney Blocked Promotion to Opposer of Wiretapping Program

In response to a DoJ official not at all happy with the warrantless wiretapping program put forth by the administration, Dick “El Vampiro” Cheney found a round about way to tell the official to go eff himself.

Namely, by blocking his promotion.

You know, you gotta love a feel good story like this when an administration straight up bullies into submission its endless hordes of minions and underlings. I mean, imagine having Dick Cheney as a boss, stalking from cubicle to cubicle, mouth breathin on you, telling you that unless you sign off on his illegal and nefarious plans he will essentially stall your career.

It makes you feel warm and tingly that good things are goin’ on in the government…

…Hurry up 2009, you can’t get her fast enough.

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