Dark Horse GOP Candidate Apunchinthecrotch Surging In The Polls

This just in from the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat. Despite a strong showing by both Mayor Giuliani, and former Senator Thompson, a new dark horse candidate seems to be taking the party by surprise:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A new Gallup poll on the Republican Presidential field to be released tomorrow shows undeclared candidate former Wyoming Governor Bill Apunchinthecrotch leading the Republican field by 10 points.

The survey of 500 registered Republicans shows former Senator Fred Thompson, himself also undeclared, in second place trailing Apunchinthecrotch 30 to 20 points. Senator John McCain and former New York City mayor Rudolph Guilliani tied at 5 points a piece, with the remaining eight candidates splitting the balance.

(Note: If you have some adult daipers, I recommend putting them on before reading this. As my now damp and smelly underpants can attest, I wish I would have… Not that I full out peed, mind you… I’m far too manly for that, but I think a couple of drops might have leaked out)

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