Finally A Surgeon General Homophobes Can Be Proud Of

Bush’s pick for Surgeon General, one James W. Holsinger Jr., apparently is of the mind that gay sex is neither natural nor healthy, a fact that has some gay rights activists up in arms.

What’s kind of disappointing was that all of this came in a paper that was part of the Methodist Church’s deliberation in changing its views on homosexuality… We were THIS close and then this guy comes along! Ah well.

I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m not sure which is more characteristic of the Bush administration; picking someone who panders to the Bigot Base, failing to even close to adequately vet nominee, or just tossing science completely out the window.

This last one is my favorite because when you can just throw scientific fact out of the window, the world is your oyster my friend, you can make anything happen. You can make Iraqis grateful that they were invaded, you can privatize Social Security, you can do all kinds of things as long as you throw out science and fact, but I digress.

So let’s go ahead and do some mythbusting on behalf of what I hope will not be our future Surgeon General. First, let’s get rid of this whole homosexual behavior isn’t natural idea, because, as it turns out, it is. As the National Georgraphic wrote up a couple of years ago, wild animals also exhibit homosexual behavior. Hmm… Wild animals. According to Christianity, wild animals lack the freewill that we humans enjoy, therefore meaning that whatever they do is not a choice, therefore their homosexual behavior is not chosen it is ordained… BY GOD HIMSELF! Holy Crap! I broke through! Empirical proof God doesn’t hate gays! Someone get Pat Robertson on the phone!


But the other flaw in the good Doctor’s argument (you know, aside from actually using pipefitting as part of it) centers around anal sex. Which it is true that anal sex is a comparably high risk act, but it isn’t an act that is solely in use by the homosexual community. I’m not gay… Neither is my wife… nothing stopping us other than the gag factor. Even lesbians can partake in this particular act with… ahem… some help. So it’s not just a gay thing, and as the article points out, only about 40% actually engage in the act, not even a majority.

The greater point being is that sex is, biologically, a pretty rough and tumble act and no one would do it if it didn’t feel good and keep the species going.body temp, pulse, muscle constrictions, all can reach dangerous levels during normal sex, and people often times aren’t content with the good ol’ missionary six minute mambo. As a result, people engage in increased risk behavior across the board, not just homosexual men, nor homosexual women, or heterosexuals.

We all do stupid things… like nominate this yahoo for Surgeon General.

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