Fred Thompson, Vice President?

I thought Obama was walking into this campaign under a lot of hype, but that was nothing compared to the hype that Fred Thompson is currently flying under. Likened to Reagan more often than you hear the late president’s name at a GOP debate, I have expressed the challenges the much talked about future candidate must face before, but the WaPo’s Sally Quinn may have taken her Thompson adoration just a touch too far.

I can’t disagree that Cheney is evil, and dragging the party down. I love how his push to make war with Iran is seen as “dangerous”, definitely glad that other people are starting to catch up to me.

But that Fred Thompson could be an Anti-Cheney is a little out there. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it happen. With Cheney gone, I can sleep a little easier, and with Fred Thompson as the Vice President, he can get some of that good ol’ Bush stink on ‘im which I would imagine would help my nominee sail right on into the Oval office.

Thinking about this, though, is silly. There is no way in HELL you are pushing Cheney out. That man is going to hold onto his office until you, ahem, pry it from his cold dead fingers. No, while it would be very nice for Freddy Boy to take over for El Vampiro, I just don’t see it happening without a wooden stake, garlic, and a cross.

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