Generational War

Bush may have stumbled a bit when he nominated Lute as his “War Csar.” Lute, vocal in his skepticism regarding the surge gambit, is notably out of step with the Bushie image of Iraq and our role there, but not to worry.

Defense Secretary Gates knows how to pick a guy who knows which way the drummer is marching.

Now, as Newshogger Cernig points out, Admiral Mullen has already shown that he can get in there and clean house and increase moral for the sailors under his watch, ousting politically favored Officers who liked to abuse their positions, but on one thing alone, Mullen is exactly what the Bush administration wants.

In his opening remarks, Mullen, a Vietnam War veteran, told Pearl Harbor sailors: “I honestly believe this is the most dangerous time in my life.
“The enemy now is basically evil and fundamentally hates everything we are — the democratic principles for which we stand … This war is going to go on for a long time. It’s a generational war.”

…more warmongering even as Gen. Lute, during his confirmation hearing, has said that the surge doesn’t appear to be working, and it doesn’t look like things will be better a year from now, forget about September.

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