Get Em While They Are Still Young

The hateful brand of conservatism, the ugly kind that carves up large swaths of demographics to highlight all those who don’t hold similar conservative beliefs as evil people, can’t be satisfied with letting people grow into this kind of ideology.

Oh no, they gotta get em while they are still young.

Conservative book publisher World Ahead Publishing is excited to launch its new children book line, leading off with the sure to be children’s classic, “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!”

Don’t judge a book by its cover? Hardly. This one is plain as day, the picture of Hillary Clinton, Senator Kennedy, and a Donkey lurking underneath the bed pretty much sums up the view that the author is trying to put forth; liberals are evil, and they are out to get you!

Had the work been meant as satire, I suppose this would just be another attempt by the hysterical Right at cheap humor and low blows, but that’s not the case in the slightest. As Chairman Eric Jackson explained on Hardball recently, the point to this series of children’s books is to counteract the onslaught of liberal children’s books being put out there by companies such as Scholastic.

Curiously enough, the three books mentioned in the blurb for “Help” on the company’s website, don’t mention any books actually put out by Scholastic, instead digging up three rather obscare, and admittedly out there titles called, “King & King”, “No, George, No” and “It’s Just A Plant.” The publisher for the last of these actually has “propoganda” in their name (magical propoganda mill), and I think may take it off the table for viability.

That’s not to say that Jackson didn’t have a go at Scholastic on Hardball. But funnily enough the book he goes after is; “Down To Earth Guide To Global Warming”, going so far as to call it scary, and definitely liberally biased (because, you know, nature has a liberal bias).

In retaliation for Scholastic’s “Global Warming”, World Ahead plans to release a little jewel entitled “The Sky’s Not Falling,” (sorry no link for that one yet), which in the words of Jackson himself, is meant to inform children that, “It’s a complex issue, and one you don’t have to worry about yet.”

The implication being one of two things, A) worry about it when the sky really does start falling, which will probably be when it’s too late, or B) you don’t have to worry your little heads about it now because that’s mommy and daddy’s job, unfortunately, mommy and daddy are sleeping on the clock or else we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.

Which just brings me full circle to the general overall tone of this stuff. Even when trying to cultivate little intentionally ignorant neocons, these guys are using the same old straw men and ad hominem attacks.

Now that I think about it, I guess that is pretty good training for the ditto-heads of the future.

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