Giuliani’s Twelve

Ocean’s Twelve was a pretty lackluster and admittedly boring sequel to the remake of Ocean’s Eleven which was charming, witty, and clever. Giuliani’s twelve, on the other hand, has no polished and engaging predacessor, and yet still manages to fail to live up to expectation or inspire.

WaPo’s Chris Cilliza gives a pretty good breakdown of the Twelve Commitments (a title that I’m sure very much intentionally mirrors the Ten Commandments), taking each one down and showing the political significance.

In general, the list is intended to fold up the Giuliani campaign into bumper sticker language, a widely used and generally successful right wing political gambit, while at the same time at least implying an image of substance, though as Chris points out there are quite a few of his bullet points lacking much of a foundation to stand upon if at all.

For the most part, it merely shows Giuliani’s blanket adherence to most GOP ideals with the exception of abortion. The other function of the laundry list, of course, is to remind us that it was Rudy Giuliani who was MAYOR OF NEW YORK WHEN 9/11 HAPPENED, and that only Rudy Giuliani CAN KEEP US SAFE!

Aside from being pretty standard Republican boiler plate stuff, I suppose it is hard to discount that this might be a platform upon which Rudy is building his Thompson defences considering that in recent polling, Thompson has pulled startlingly close to Giuliani. Sans Thompson, “America’s Mayor” could easily coast to a primary victory, but with Fred in the race, Rudy has to take the campaign seriously, and here you go.

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