Go To Jail!

Scooter is going to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not buy into the rightwing spin.

Today a judge blocked attempts to keep Scooter out of jail, ordering him to self report to serve out his sentence of 30 months. This order, coming not a week after heiress Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail to finish the rest of her sentence, is, unlike the case from Paris, a hotbed for conservative ire, even showcasing in the most recent Republican primary debates.

When asked whether Scooter should be pardoned, the general consensus was “yes.” Even Romney, so proud of his record of never pardoning ever that he even refused to pardon an Iraq War Veteran for an assault crime he committed while he was thirteen so the man could be a cop, has said that he would take a close look at the case and consider a pardon for Libby.

It’s an interesting animal the Republican spin machine is sometimes. The overall meme? Libby didn’t out Plame, and Fitzgerald was running rampant, despite even Bush expressing confidence and commending the man as he carried out the investigation. While the right is usually the side that is championing the courts and calling for people’s heads, when it comes to Libby, they are combing through transcripts and delving for technicalities to give their guy a break. Obviously all these guys have a political agenda, and are trying to take Libby down.

And of course, when all else fails, let’s blame Clinton. In true third grader form, if this post even gets comments, if just one of those comments comes from a conservative, I would be very shocked to not see Sandy Berger’s name get tossed out.

Because conservatives love them some tough justice, except when it comes to them. Then things get kinda dodgy. So no, I’ll tell ya straight out right now, Libby did not out Valerie Plame, but he did lie in the investigation and obstructed justice, and while you will undoubtedly hear a slew of conservatives, including the Republican candidates for president, try to minimalize this fact, keep in mind that these are the same guys who would be calling for heads to roll should someone commit perjury in the case of say some poor black kid on trial for murder.

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