Gonzo’s Definition of Poor Judgement

And I was just about to call it a night and head off to bed…

According to the Washington Post, DoJ firee Paul Charlton told Congress that part of why Gonzo had him canned was because, apparently, the US Attorney just wasn’t quite blood thirsty enough.

Okay, so yeah, we know that Gonzo’s a death penalty nut. Him and El Presidente teamed up back when Bush was merely the governor of Texas to put to death over a hundred and fifty people, with Gonzo cranking out the memos that made it easy for him to do so (though forgetting to mention that some were mentally retarded, or had lawyers so inept they slept through jury selection).

Not even the Vienna convention could stay Gonzo’s love for sending people to ol’ Sparky. Under that little ditty, the Mexican national Gonzo executed was supposed to be supplied legal council from Mexico, but instead was tricked into signing a confession, and was shown the noose.

So when Gonzales fired Charlton for “poor judgment in pushing forward a recommendation on a death penalty case”, you can bet that the recommendation that pissed off Gonzo WASN’T to make the execution come faster.

No, Charlton tried not to charge the defendant with a capital crime. The reason?

According to Charlton, the case on which he clashed with Gonzales involved a methamphetamine dealer named Jose Rios Rico, who was charged with slaying his drug supplier. Charlton said he believed the case, which has not yet gone to trial, did not warrant the death penalty because police and prosecutors lacked forensic evidence — including a gun, DNA or the victim’s body. He said that the body was evidently buried in a landfill and that he asked Justice Department officials to pay $500,000 to $1 million for its exhumation.

hmmm… So Gonzo’s definition of poor judgement involves someone who is wary about putting someone to death for a crime that you can’t just prove HE didn’t commit, but one that MAY NOT HAVE EVEN HAPPENED AT ALL!

No DNA? Alright, we’ve been solving murders for ages without it. No gun? tricky but still doable. NO EFFING BODY?!?!

Are you nuts?!

There’s a phrase I’m trying to remember… what was it? What was it?




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  1. Amber says:

    Seriously. I really want to know what poor judment is. Some next kid told me it meant I was always picking out whats wrong with people, or I always judge peoploe on what they look like. Like if someone had really skanky hair and I didn’t know them, I’d be like ” ERRGGHHHH LOOK AT HER HAIR IT’S WELL TRAMPY!” And then I read this /: I’m well confussed. What does it mean?

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