Gonzo’s No Confidence Vote Blocked

Despite a widespread lack of confidence in Attorney General Gonzales within the Senate on both sides of the aisle, Senate Republicans have blocked the vote, causing the senate to fall seven votes short of cloture.

It began months ago with a handful of US Attorneys who were fired for apparently political means, causing the senate to investigate. Since then the entire ordeal has been a bumpy roller coaster ride with aides resigning, Monica Goodling refusing to testify until she was granted immunity (and for good reason as we found out that even she realized she did something wrong) and who could forget the utterly disastrous testimony from Gonzo in which he seemed to have developed almost comlete and total memory loss.

And that’s where it began. Many senators were shocked that the man running this department seemed so out of touch with what was going on right under his nose, and were put off by his convenient lack of memory.

For much of this year, Gonzo’s been in the hot seat as nearly each revelation about the case put the DoJ and the mishandling of the fired attorneys in the spotlight just when it looked like the story might fade out of the greater public awareness. But there was an irrepairable damage done, as Gonzo would soon find out.

His credibility as top law enforcement official had been fatally wounded on several levels. There was the dubious nature of his testimony before Congress. And then there is the idea that even if you could make the very narrow case that Mr. Gonzales was a perfect Attorney General, the mere perception that has been constructed around him has made it difficult to do his job. People don’t want someone who is pulling a Ronnie Reagan in the Contra hearings actively running the nation’s law enforcement.

Which has led us to this conclusion that we see playing out before us, the no confidence vote of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. One would hope that the President would do the decent thing in this and ask for Gonzo’s resignation. Even better, and perhaps this is the single point that shows that the AG isn’t exactly right in the head, how does he continue to fight for this position?

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, then yes, you fight for your job. But that’s not the case here, and it’s almost a lock that Gonzo could get a job in the private sector that would be much more lucrative than what he is currently doing. And yet he clings. And through it all there is a whole nation at his throat wanting him gone, even those that work for him, and yet he still clings to the job.

There is the concept that maybe he thinks that what he is doing is good, but how can that make sense when he’s been told point blank to his face that maybe the best thing that he could do for the nation is to quit.

One might think that he also thinks that there is a chance he could salvage his own reputation, but with Bush in the White House for less than two years now, he’s not going to have the time to pull the tattered shards of his respectability out of the doldrums.

The only thing that can happen to Mr. Gonzales is that things can either remain as they are, or they can get worse. Me? I couldn’t keep a job knowing that many people wanted me gone. Under Gonzo’s conditions, I think no sane person would.

Which may have shocked Senator Arlen Specter who had predicted that Gonzo would resign before such a vote came before the senate, and as it turns out, he was wrong. The motion is on the floor, and it is being blocked, but not for the reason one would think the motion is being blocked.

From Arlen Specter himself, the reason Republicans are voting not to end cloture has nothing to do with their confidence in the Attorney General, it’s because they don’t want to hand the Democrats a win. And this is why I like Arlen Specter, he is, what I have always thought, a good Senator, though one that I probably don’t agree with all the time. At least in this case, he did vote his conscience, along with six other Republican Senators.

But that’s only seven senators, and yet, over at Democratic Caucus’ State Journal, there’s at least ten republicans actively speaking out about Gonzo. So somehow the math just doesn’t add up.

Specter cites the Democratic desire for Republicans to look like fools on this issue, and this is why they won’t vote for cloture. But is that really how it is? If this was a wide bipartisan vote, the only Republicans that would look like fools are Bush and Gonzo, while the rest are expressing the opinion of the general public.

So it’s not to avoid looking like fools, Mr. Specter. Thanks for running most the maration buddy, but I’ll take the last mile. Giving the Democrats the vote on Gonzo would give the Democrats a win on something that the majority of Americans are polling solidly in their favor. In other words, the Goppers are being obstructionist merely on Democrat success, and it’s on something they actually agree upon. It’s ludicrous. It’s partisanship run rampant, and it’s one of the reasons Republicans had a hard time in 06, and aren’t lookin’ so hot in 08 either.

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