Goppers Out Of Touch Part 2343: Gays Are Bad Mkay?

Gotta say, at least one aspect of my life that has gotten easier is pointing out how badly out of touch the Republicans have become with America. In an interesting article in Time, we see how yet another place where Republican pols are out of touch with Americans is illuminated by looking at how the candidates at the recent GOP debate dealt with the Gays In The Military question:

This used to be an issue that Republicans employed to torture Democrats. No longer. While Democrats hardly build their campaigns around it, in the CNN debates last week every Democrat was happy to go on record as favoring lifting the ban once and for all. By contrast, every Republican cowered behind “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” patently wishing the whole thing would go away. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney agreed that now “is not the time” to reopen the issue. Mike Huckabee blathered nonsensically about the “uniform code of military conduct.” John McCain was almost campy, practically bursting into song about our “most wonderful military.” Not one of them attempted to defend the ban on its merits. But not one would oppose it.

And yet not one, I suspect, has any doubt about where this issue is going. When opponents of gay rights talk ominously about a “gay agenda,” they are not completely wrong. There has been an agenda in the sense of a long-term strategy, not unlike the carefully plotted strategy of Thurgood Marshall and others in the civil rights movement that ended formal racial segregation. It was a brilliant decision to start with the military rather than attempt to outlaw discrimination generally or push right away for gay marriage. Twenty years from now, maybe sooner, gays will have it all.

Indeed, this is indicative of the even larger issue of gay rights issue completely. Just recently, state legislators staved off an attempt to ban gay marriage in Massachusetts, and in a recent Hardball, we learned that while people over sixty are solidly against gay marriage, people under thirty are largely for it. So while I’m not quite as optomistic as Michael Kinsley and the very rosy picture he paints of the gay rights movement, I do agree with him on this, within a couple of decades, homosexuals will rightfully be granted the same rights as everyone else…

…with the Republicans sorely against the will of the American people hoping to stop it or at least try and make it go away.

Note: I do want to express a certain amount of sadness I feel here. Yes, I am fundamentally anti-Republican, but at the core of this is more of a kind of professional, sports team way. It’s not like I want to hate Republicans and wish them all tortuous deaths. More realistically the kind of relationship I would like is more like the coyote and the sheep dog in the old Looney Toons cartoons. While on the clock, their after each other, but the moment it’s quitting time, they go and have a drink together or share a lunchbox lunch what have you.

That is the kind of relationship I would like to have with those on the right, and Republicans, but like I say, there is a kind of sadness here because I think what is going on in the Republican party is really out of touch with what’s going on with people in general I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but I do think it tragic that it really appears that so many Goppers are at the beck and call of small but vocal and unfortunately powerful factions that aren’t just going to result in the continued loss of Republican power (something applaud) but also in Republican pols not acting in the best interests of either the American people, or even their republican constituents.

I do wish it weren’t this way.

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