Gravity Sucks

As does the fate of one Alberto Gonzales. At this point, I’m beginning to think that Gonzo must be holding naked photos of Bush snorting cocaine off of a hooker’s butt cheek, because that is the only way to explain why Bush has not forced the guy out yet.

If anyone remembers, this all just started off as an investigation into the questionable firings of a handfull of US Attorneys, and has repeatedly resulted in bad news for this Administration, starting with the political firings, leading to subpoenas of DOJ officials, Gonzo included. This testimony alone greatly damaged the Attorney General’s credibility and the integrity of the political separation of the White House and Justice Department.

But it hardly ended there. The subpoenas went from one aide to the next, and somewhere along the line the Godfather-esque scene at former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s bedside hit the papers.

And then the damaging headlines CONTINUED to pour in, just recently alerting the public to the subpoena of White House official Sara Taylor, and Bush’s lawyer and failed SCOTUS appointee Harriet Miers.

The latest episode in “What Did Gonzo Do Wrong Now?” bears the title: “Gonzo Under DOJ Investigation For Possibly Influencing Aide’s Testimony.”

It’s a psychological thriller sure to pump up the network ratings.

In a May 23 appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, Goodling testified that Gonzales had laid out his general recollection of events surrounding the prosecutor dismissals during a meeting between the two in March, as Goodling was preparing to leave the department. Gonzales asked whether Goodling “had any reaction to his iteration,” and she said the conversation made her “a little uncomfortable” because of ongoing investigations into the issue, according to her testimony.
“I didn’t know that it was maybe appropriate for us to talk about that at that point, and so I just didn’t,” Goodling testified. “As far as I can remember, I just didn’t respond.”

Apparently there is enough there to get investigators interested enough to see if A-gone himself tried to fiddle witht he testimony in his direction. This, like so much else that is swirling about the embattled Attorney General, does not bode well.

The disclosure could represent a serious legal threat to the embattled attorney general. Fine’s office is empowered to refer matters for criminal prosecution if warranted.

And of course we wouldn’t even BE here if Gonzo had stepped down long ago when Senators on the Hill first started voicing their lack of confidence in him. Arlen Specter gave the man a sidelong warning when he theorized that Gonzo would step down before a no confidence vote hit the senate floor. Gonzo didn’t take it, and you got to wonder, if he ain’t kickin himself in the ass for not doing so.

Also gotta wonder what he’s got on Bush that has kept the president from showing him the sunny side of the door.

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