Hillary’s First Mistake

In other news, Hillary Clinton released a web video parodying the final scene of the Sopranos series finale in relation to the final announcement of what her campaign song is going to be. I saw this last night, but was too busy to post at the time.

You’ll get mixed reviews, some think it brilliant, some think it not so much. Me personally, Hillary’s acting kind of sucks, but Chelsea parallel parking joke sells well even to those like me that haven’t watched the Sopranos in years. The video on its own merits is okay.

What I find is that this is just another example that this campaign is outclassing every other campaign out there. It’s registering on so many levels, the whole campaign song selection tapping into the same surge of people who would rather vote by text message for their favorite American Idol than vote for an American president. The Sopranos-esque video catching the buzz surrounding a very popular show, but not only that, but caught the widespread attention of the blogosphere (though not this blogger, as I don’t have HBO).

From the production quality of the video to the fact that they did the video in the first place shows that the campaign is running a nearly flawless candidacy, one that has not just the pulse of the Democratic machine everyone knew it would have, but also one that has the pulse on pop culture.

And still she manages to stay head and shoulders above her competition. While everyone else in the Democratic field is trying to catch up, Hillary is making headlines with videos about song selection. The greater underlying subtext being, “I have no competition. At this point, I’m just accessorizing my formality of a campaign, and since you’re watching my video and selecting my song, you obviously agree in the inevitability.”

Yeah, THAT good of a campaign.

Of course not EVERYONE is going to agree with me. Ann Althouse, miraculously attributes the carrot and onion ring imagery to Bill’s sexcapades. I kinda just thought it was a joke tossed in about Bill’s notorious eating habits (come on I was barely in High School, but even I remembered how much was made of Bill’s affinity for McDonald’s). Thankfully Instaputz jumps in to call Ann out on the carpet for the inane argument that she posits.

While the little exchange points to maybe a slight miscalculation on the part of the campaign to choose onion rings over the less vaginally symbolic food of say, french fries, this is nothing.

But we still see Hillary make the first major mistake of her campaign: Picking Celine Dion’s “You and I” as the official theme song of her campaign.

Celine Dion, Hillary? Really?

I’m with Bill, at least Smashmouth is listenable… to a degree… if you’re drunk… and not paying too much attention. Celine doesn’t even have that going for her, and just wait until the Republicans realizes she’s… Canadian!

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