House GOP; Our Bill Is Tougher, and More Xenophobic

I apologize, mayhaps I’m getting a little irritated with the whole illegal immigration, ultra border security thing. At this point, I’m ready to say, screw it, just open them borders up baby!

What’s the worst that can happen? Some old white guy has to worry about his culture being threatened? Dude, the only way a Mexican immigrant is coming close to your country club is to either serve your cocktails or manicure the lawns.

Open up them borders. With a much easier path to citizenship, you’ll have less illegal immigrants, more tax payers, voila. The whole national security argument is bunk, Miguel and his family of four are not here because he hates our freedom. So open up them borders.

And the whole no other country is bilingual/has signs in different languages/you should only speak ‘Merican in ‘Merica argument is crap too. As part of my service in the Navy, I’ve been to more than a handful of foreign countries, and you can bet your sweet bottom that they had signs up in English in countries that did have English as an official language, and the business men knew their English, and knew it well.

You speak the language that makes you best equipped to survive. If that means that living in Southern California means you should be speaking both Spanish and English, don’t be dumb… educate yourself.


In case you’re wondering where that came from, it all sparked from this little news item in the LA Times. Essentially, not happy with the current Senate bill, House Republicans have opted to make their own bill that wouldn’t give away amnesty to illegals. And as I started this post, I’m sorry, the whole debate just makes my back tense up and I want to hit something.

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