House Of Representatives, You Know What To Do

Bruce Fein, writing for Slate magazine, has up a stunning case for impeachment of Dick Cheney. It’s very thorough, and damn it, that makes it harder for me to comment on, but, come on, you know me, I can’t EVER leave something to a few simple sentences.

I wish it were possible. Between Bush’s criminal ignorance, apathy, and willingness to let Cheney do most the work, and Cheney’s criminal overstepping of nearly any and every boundary put in place on the Executive branch (of which his status is still in question), it’s hard to tell which actually screwed this country up more.

Plus, given the lack of clarity in the constitution of what to do should the Vice President office become vacant (I believe the office is to remain vacant at least until the next regular election), we’ll have us one helluva hootnanny. Does Nancy Pelosi succeed him? Do we vote on a new guy (please please please let it be Fred. God would I love some GW Bush stink on him before he makes his own run at the White House!)?

Or best yet, does Bush run the country without Uncle Dick with his hand crammed firmly up El Presidente’s ass?

Just imagine it:

“Uncle Dick? Uncle Dick? Where are you? I can’t do this without you! God’s not answering, and I don’t know how to do this country running stuff! And congress is being mean to me!”

But seriously, I don’t think it has a snowballs chance in hell, though, it would be nice to be free of the reign of Arch Chancelor Cheney.

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