How Low Can You Go?

Just a few small hours ago, I pondered the likelihood that Senator John McCain will drop out of the race by September, concluding that if the Maverick is gone by this fall, he’ll be kicking and screaming the whole way.

Almost as if to back this up, it seems as though McCain is now wining and dining (or more accurately, breakfasting) with the Swifties.

On Tuesday, McCain will attend a $1,000-per-person fundraiser hosted by one of the solid citizens who participated in the despicable swift-boat smear campaign against his “good friend” John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign — that’s how low he’s willing to go.

The Arizona Senator will be gobbling sausage and eggs tomorrow morning at a campaign breakfast hosted by none other than Paul Galanti, a Vietnam Veteran who never served with Kerry but didn’t hesitate to surface in 2004 to call the highly-decorated Veteran a “traitor” and appear in the television commercials of those who stooped to questioning the seriousness of Kerry’s war wounds.

Sometimes I try and look inside people. I’ve no fancy psychological degree, I’m by no means a master of the human condition. I just kind of like to jump into other people’s skin (not literally of course) and look around.

With President Bush, I see a kind of whirlwind tour that ended with him where he’s at now, on the eve of leaving the White House, his legacy in serious danger of leaving George W. Bush as the worst president of U.S. History, a dubious honor particularly when the guy before had a major sex scandal hit him in his second term.

I try to look through Bush’s eyes, and it seems like he tried to apply a small world kind of mentality to a very big and complex world. With everyone telling him it would work, it should work, he did it, and is now trying to figure out why nothing works, and why no one listens to him or believes in him anymore.

I try to see the world through Cheney’s eyes, but that’s pretty scary, so I only do so on Halloween.

And I try and see the world through John McCain’s eyes, particularly now. It’s a somewhat sad view. Eight years ago, he was looking good going into the primaries, and then South Carolina hit him like a baseball bat to the jaw, and he crumpled; hard news for a man whose clock was ticking.

For some reason, I see him focused on the Oval Office. There’s a kind of desperate desire, and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I think he wants that office because he wants to do good, a sentiment I think he feels more than most of the contenders from his side of the aisle, and probably more than a few from our side as well.

He knows this is it, he’s getting old,and a part of him believes that if he just works hard enough, digs in deep enough, he can still make the old dream come true.

But this is reality, and with the second quarter totals soon to be announced, he’s got to face the facts that his campaign is not in dire straits, it’s all but doomed. And yet there is something so basic, so ingrained, perhaps it’s how much of a fighter he is, perhaps he really wants to pull America together, I don’t know, but there’s something about the man that has forced him to this…

To bacon and eggs with a group of people he spoke up against during the 2004 election on Kerry’s behalf. The Swifty style attack ad is the very think McCain Feingold intended to prevent, and yet now, he’ll be splitting a coffe urn with the very creators.

I respect him standing before the rabid Republican base and explaining the virtues of his immigration bill, just as I respect his misguided view of Iraq (more that he stands by the idea and not the idea itself). He’s a man of conviction, and integrity, but it would appear that his thirst for the White House has superceded even that.

It’s a sad thing that happens to the man’s soul when he gets in bed with the Swifties. Even sadder, it’s not going to bring him any closer to the White House at all.

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