I Officially Wish I Was Barack Obama

I saw this yesterday, but didn’t bother to check out the video mostly because I don’t really get into the whole viral video thing. I didn’t see the appeal behind the fat kid swinging a mop handle like a light saber, and I still cringe when I think about the dancing baby.

But, I’m a political analyst, and swallowing my pride sometimes goes along with the job. After watching it I have come to one conclusion… I so wanna be Barack Obama now. Holy crap. I mean the song… it’s cheesy, and probably would be better served on mute. But still… This doesn’t happen to me. I need to get in a profession where hot women make music videos for me. Anyone willing, just let me know, we’ll post your video here all week!

Anyway the video, right… Yeah… Of course the campaign refused to comment other than to say they had nothing to do with it, and of course this isn’t really all that politically significant other than to say those that support Obama REALLY support Obama which I suppose is great for him, kinda dissappointing for me.

And you gotta love the line, “You can Barack me tonight.”


Here ya go. Obamagirl, if you see this post, M is a HUGE Obama supporter, and we should work together.

Update: Alas, Obamagirl is just a made up character, the construct of actually three people… Still… You know, if the three of ya wanna… nevermind. (h/t mvdg)

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