If Only Pigs Could Fly

So a pig walks into a bar with a celphone…

No, it’s not a joke, it’s the premise of a new ad campaign by leading condom brand, Trojan. The commercial is simple, a pig is in a bar on the make and while he’s equipped with a celphone, he’s lacking in… um… protection. All the hot babes out and about shun the pig who makes a pit stop in the men’s room, purchases a condom from the restroom dispenser, and all of a sudden turns into a handsome young beau who all of a sudden holds the attention of the ladies in the place captive.

The final word that you see before moving on to the next commercial most likely using a HUGE set of…um… well, you know what to sell a car, is “Evolve.”

So Fox and CBS have refused to air the ad (that thudding sound you hear right about now is my forehead hitting my desk).


Not that Fox doesn’t have a history of sexual content in both its advertising and programming (Um, anyone remember Kelly Bundy in Married With Children? Particularly that one episode with Jumping Jack Jupiter where she bends over to pick up a coin, giving the audience a wonderful view of her… uh… well, that thing you sit on and those things you use to walk. Yeah, that wasn’t selling sex at all, that was PURELY about making sure millions of American’s knew the proper way to bend down and retrieve something on the ground not to hurt yourself).

While both the ad, and the reason why the networks have refused to air the ad even on late night programming, are both chuckle worthy, I find the underlying message really disturbing. I mean, this isn’t us trying to sell condoms to high school teenagers. We’re talking about people who are old enough to legally engage in consentual sex (they’re at a BAR for pity’s sake!), and yet still you have enough push from the social conservative arena to stifle some networks from promoting SAFE sex.

It’s ridiculous and regressive, and I CAN’T WAIT for the Christian anti-evolution fundies to hop in on the dog pile. Woohoo won’t we have ourselves a rodeo then! Not only is the Trojan company trying to sell sex (which, to be fair, is kinda their job), they’re pushing a radical science based argument that will turn millions of Americans away from God by tossing this whole evolution theory in our faces.

But seriously folks, as I’m trying to figure out whether to laugh or cry, what we see in this new era where the shadows of the Religious Right seems to touch everything is that not only has the whole evolution argument cropped back up when I thought that was settled decades ago, but now we can’t even talk about a safe sex discussion.

As the article linked to points out, Trojan isn’t even trying to sell Trojan condoms so much as they’re just trying to get people to buy ANY condom at all. With 75% of the market, it’s not like the condom company has to worry about competition. In this regard, the ad is less of product placement (actually the Trojan name is pretty scarce in the ad), and more about a light and humorous way to promote safe sex.

Why are we running away from a realistic attitude towards sex? Righties rail against abortion, and try to make it illegal, but then they rail away against any kind of program or talk that will actually REDUCE abortions (comprehensive sex education for instance). I just don’t understand. PLEASE! Someone help me understand! Condom usage not only GREATLY reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancy, but also GREATLY reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. So why can’t we talk about condoms? On late night television?

The primary focus of the ad is to encourage sexually active adults of legal age to engage in sex responsibly, and I can’t imagine a more responsible stance for a condom producing company to take. Unfortunately, at the rate we’re going in this country, widely practiced sexual responsibility will happen when pigs fly.

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