If You Thought The Battle Was Over…

Think again. I split with a lot of my friends on the left when I concluded that Senate Democrats made the best, though still terrible, choice available in sending an Iraq War Appropriations bill without Timetables to the White House. Though I have to admit a little bit of pleasure when finally I heard a spot from Randi Rhodes on Air America actually defending my position.

But I think a lot of people thought that with the cave in earlier this year, the fight was over, Democrats were just going to stay with their bellies exposed until hopefully a Democratic President could come in and save the day.

But as some on the Hill have already said, the fight has just begun. While the big showdown will most likely appear in September when it becomes unavoidable for Military Commanders and the White House to admit that the surge is not working as hoped, and Senate support is expected to shift more towards the will of the American public, Reid and Co. don’t plan on waiting until then to try and make things happen.

Attaching Timelines and benchmarks to Authorization bills over the summer, Congressional Dems intend to continue to hold the Administration’s feet over the fire. Still, I want people to keep the math in their heads, without 67 votes, nothing happens. Regardless, what we saw earlier this year wasn’t the end, only the beginning.

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