Iran Caught Smuggling Weapons To The Taliban

Apparently NATO officials say they caught Iran “red handed” smuggling weapons and large quantities of C4 to the Taliban.

My official reaction: Aw crap.

You’ll have to forgive my cynicism here, first, because to me this has an awful lot of Iraq flavor to it with a hint of “Meeting with al Qaeda in Prague,” and just a touch of yellowcake. Which just goes to show that hte whole story of the boy who cried wolf might just have a bit of truth to it.

In the worst case scenario where this is true… uh-oh.

The problem is, and this is where my cynicism is born, is that this comes at a curious time when the GOP field of presidential contenders are talking heavily about getting their war on with Iran, and this little tidbit of news is just the kind of “smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” rallying news story.

We caught them red handed, we must bomb them. John McCain can provide the soundtrack.

But let’s remember something folks. Good things take time. Really really crappy things are rushed, and I implore everyone to read this story with a dose of judicious caution because we have heard this story before. On the surface it doesn’t make sense, Iran is Shi’a, Taliban Sunni, and we have seen how well they play together.

This is reminiscent of the old OBL Saddam Hussein meme. Ooh, their in bed together except, they weren’t, and no sane thinking mind would think that considering that Saddam was a secularist, and bin Laden ran al Qaeda are hardcore extreme fundamentalists.

We must not jump the gun and consider this another reason to leap to war. First the report must be verified and vetted. Second, we must stop a second and look at what is going on. Is this a sign to make war, or is this yet another sign on the road saying we have already gone way too far.

The fact is, I’m getting very isolationist here, especially in regards to the Middle East. We don’t understand them. We don’t understand their politics. The only thing we seem to know without question is that they don’t like us very much at all, and they REALLY don’t like us meddling with their politics.

So before people get ready to jump forward, I think this is not that. It isn’t a time to step forward, it is a time to step back. Let’s step back and truly assess what our role is in the Middle East, what it is now, what it should be and how to honestly get there. We have spent the last four years learning exactly what a short road to war can mean, and what the very real consequences are. We have had in place a government that looks for excuses to begin war, not to avoid it, and the results have been disastrous, resulting, as Mac pointed out earlier, the deaths of 3500 brave men and women, but also a kind of divided union here at home that has been at times frightening to look at.

It is the nature of being human that war is an answer. War is, unfortunately always an answer, but what needs to be remembered is that war is always the worst answer. So as this story breaks, this is what I hope people realize. To forget this will only lead to further disaster and ruin.

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